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When we experience trauma, disappointment and setbacks without resolution and healing, we unconsciously allow the emotional scars to dictate the course of our lives and relationships. These scars create the lens through which we view ourselves, others and the world we live in. Through that lens, we unconsciously create the story of who we are and what we’re capable of.

Expressive therapies add a unique dimension to psychotherapy and counseling because they have several specific characteristics not always found in strictly verbal therapies, including, but not limited to:


 self expression

 active participation


 mind-body connections.  

Creativity in therapy has the potential to impact clients in memorable ways that traditional interventions do not.   Clients are given the opportunity to be come active participants in their own treatment and empower themselves to use their imagination in productive and corrective ways.  Whether through art, play, music, movement, enactment, or creative writing, expressive therapies stimulate the senses, thereby "sensitizing" individuals to untapped aspects of themselves.  

Specializing  in...


Heartbreak and loss are an inevitable reality of life, and can be the cause of much suffering and pain. 

Learn how to move through these moments, and shift your perspective away from victimhood towards control. 



Explore what it means to lead a happy and healthy life post-divorce, while doing everything in your power to create a functional and positive relationship with your ex. 


Parenting in its own right is challenging, and on your own, even more so.  Strengthen your inner resources (and sanity!) so that you can be a present, supporting, and loving parent, both to yourself and child(ren).

Click here for more information on counseling for children. 


Big life changes, like divorce, can trigger many other shifts and re-evaluations.   Unpack what this means for you, and gain a deeper understanding of who you are and the choices you make.



Deepen your sense of self-awareness, as you find and encourage your creative self-expression.  Uncover what it is you really want to say, create your own happiness, and discover your best self.

Click here for tips on using creativity for self-discovery.

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