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Portrait of Sheva Ganz, counselor and parenting coach


It's likely that you're caught in negative patterns that are hard to break. 


I can help you understand why you make the choices you do, how to create positive change in your life, and how to take a chance on living the life you're dreaming of.  

Get ready to...


Let go of pain, anger and resentment​

Heal from your divorce​

Connect with your children & "unbreak" your home​

Define your goals and achieve them

Untap creativity and get unstuck

Portrait of Sheva Ganz, therapist and founder of A ReCreative Life

Sheva Ganz is an expressive arts therapist and single parenting coach who uses psychology and creative expression to help single parents understand themselves better,  improve the relationships in their lives and move from struggle to success. 

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I took one of Sheva's workshops about how kids are affected by divorce and it was totally worth it.  I learned things that never even crossed my mind regarding my kids.  I HIGHLY recommend taking a workshop, course or working one-on-one with Sheva.

Andy G. 

Working with Sheva is like taking a leaf blower to your mind- scattering your limiting beliefs and uncovering who you truly are beneath them.  She has helped me heal from my past and understand how my childhood has affected so much of who I am and how I act today.  Knowing this has also drastically changed the way I parent.

“Everytime I meet with Sheva, I'm shocked at the emotional impact it has on me.  The simple strategies she suggests help me identify the cause of my feelings and then analyze them from a whole new perspective.  I've grown so much with self-awareness, forgiveness, and awareness, even though I did not realize I needed those things"

Sharon M. 
Jillian V.


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